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Kim Bellas was among the very first international guests I handsomely procured, when I’d begun to explore the facets of Recovery on an international level, for an interview series I was hosting. Little did I realize, that in the process, Kim and her dependent Matt have become allies and friends. With Sober Is The New Cool, I have come to appreciate the work the duo have done and accomplished in its reach, far beyond the North and the Americas, alike. The attire is fashionable and makes a statement that hope for the hopeless is not only within reach, but is filled with tales of joy and adventure. My congratulations to Kim and Matt for championing the message recovery communities the world over seems to grasp in spades - SOBER IS THE NEW COOL.
Chris Nell Radio Host & Podcaster and Media Personality Johannesburg, Gauteng
"Kim and Sober is the new cool, are super inspiring, genuine and kind. She harbours a great sense of community and puts a lot of thought and love into her content. I'm so grateful I stumbled upon this page, it has made such a difference in my own personal recovery." 
"I'm a big fan of the Sober is the new cool gear ❤️ When I post photos wearing my SITNC tee, people always comment that they love it and ask where they can get one too! The ordering process is very simple and kim is super lovely. She tirelessly supports the sober community and campaigns for people to recognise the damage that alcohol does to people's lives. Every simple purchase helps kim's mission - so this is like the big fat cheery on the cake. Which is why I highly recommend shopping on her site. xx"
I love listening to your wisdom, thank you so much. You've helped me find my confidence and build it up a little more every day. Love you 🙏 💞 💞💞
Kim is the BEST. She has helped to save me!
"[Kim] is such a wonderful and welcoming person in the sober community! She is truly amazing  💕💕"
- @livingthelife_cass 
"Love this powerful and truthful story - Keep SOARing!!! You're doing great things for others!"
- @storiesofaddictionrecovery
"[Sober Is The New Cool] brought a smile to my face  ❤️️ ❤️️ this community can be amazing sometimes"
- @fightingtosmile 
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